Kate Spade Has Earned Her Stripes This Spring…

Vanna Espadrille Skimmer
“Step lively, my ladies, and welcome aboard”!
Portlans Constantine Handheld Clutch
“Let’s run it up the mast and see who salutes it”.

Jane Reader Shades
“Oh steward, I’ll have another”!

Awning Stripe Correspondence Cards
“Ship shape and full steam ahead for the social season”.

Haig Point Kei Canvas Tote

“For all your buried treasure”.

start with this…

Yikes! We loves those stripes!

All photos (except gum) link to the item’s webpage.

Take those nautical stripes out for a sail: “Beyond the Sea” – Bobby Darin
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  1. Oh Kate, she’s always tempting me with beautiful things!

  2. Hey I remember that gum. LOL! You always have the cutest stuff up. Have a great day tomorrow!


  3. The clutch is gorgeous – so original!

  4. I love the clutch and shoes!

  5. lou lou – I love Kate too!

    Ronda – do you remember the zebra too? 🙂

    Europafox – I thought it was really different with the color blocking.

    Kate – oh the shoes, I particularly love! Aren’t they just fun?