A Bridal Bone To Pick

Having 2 sons I am never going to be the mother-of-the-bride and the best I can hope for is being involved on the girlie fringes with my lovely nieces. My first niece to be married this summer, “Hammie Pie”, (aka “Hammie” because her initials are HAM) has given me the dubious honor of throwing a bridal bone my way. That’s right! I get to do a bridal task or at least give my ideas and opinion!

I am thrilled but could use some help…

I need ideas for attendant’s gift for the maid-of-honor and the groomsmen.

I have thought of these:
Tiffany.com – Plaid beer mug for the groomsmen & Tiffany Blue Travel Jewelry Case

Some other ideas for the Mof H are pearl earrings, a ‘tin cup’ necklace or a crystal one.

What else could you recommend?
All ideas are gratefully appreciated.

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  1. I’ve been in tons of weddings. The best gifts are those that can be used again. So maybe not the beer mug or wine glass unless they are a set. Because most people like at least 2 of something like that. A monogrammed tote from LL Bean or a fun VV tote is fun. And can be filled with useful goodies like tissues, chap stick and snacks. It would also be fun to do something not at all wedding related. Maybe a beer club delivery (I don’t drink beer but assume there is such a thing) for then men. There are lots of fun ideas out there. Try idaclair.com. Good luck!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I did my niece’s wedding last September and we bought bath sheets that we then monogrammed for both the bridesmaids AND the grromsmen to use at ‘beach’ towels.

    And then I ordered makeup bags from http://www.exposuresonline.com where you can scan a favorite photo of bride with her bridesmaids and they transfer the photo onto the makeup bag. BIG hit with the girls! Hope this helps,.

  3. I LOVE YOUR IDEAS! My girls got Jay Strongwater compacts from Neiman Marcus. I wrote something in the cards like, “Every time you look inside this beautiful compact you will see something infinitely more beautiful – a true friend.” My MOH got an extra gift which was amethyst earrings that matched the dresses the girls wore.

  4. For the bridesmaids perhaps a Waterford ring holder or a freshwater pearl necklace.

  5. I agree w/ PPC, useful is best. The girls do love the monogrammed totes, we’ve done that. How about a crystal bud vase or frame for the girls? Waterford has a stemmed bud vase in a few patterns for $75, and Kate Spade and Vera Wang have some fun vases with dots and lines, a bit more contemporary and clean lined. The KS and VW frames are either crystal or silver plated with a no-polish shield.
    For the guys I like the 4pk Tervis Tumblers, or how about a money clip, practical and useful. I really don’t think the guys are thinking “keepsake”.

  6. Everyone has such GREAT ideas! I think I want all the items suggested. Loved finding out about new websites and gifts that were new to me and all were. Thank you so much!!

    Posh – what a beautiful saying and cherished memento.

  7. Great ideas! I gave my bridesmaids each monogrammed silver jewelry boxes.

  8. Thanks for following my blog! I love yours and added it to my reader!

  9. Oh, BTW– the stripes on my blog are actually pink on my monitor. Yikes–I wonder if they look lavender on everyone else’s??? I added the background somehow using HTML in my layout. It has to be really light because it will be under the posts and everything. Any light pattern would work. Let me know if you want detailed instructions & I’ll be happy to go back & figure out how I did it!! 🙂

  10. the weddings i have been in each gave great guy gifts…one was an engraved Kershaw pocket knife (which the guys LOVED) what guys doesnt love a pocket knife? and the other was an engraved flask! and what guy doent love a personalized engraved alcohol holder to slip in their tux..helps with the buzz at the wedding!
    the girls got the makeup tote in the above post which was great! it was stuffed with skin products, a MAC gift card, starbucks card and matching jewelry to wear with the bridesmaid dresses. a PERFECT gift!

  11. Monogrammed anything…always appreciated!

  12. Tiffany’s has great scarves that can be used for hair of belt…all in that Tiffany blue box for only 50 dollars. Monogrammed silver flasks for the men…enjoy!