Not A Cloud In The Sky….

… but these make me wish there was!
“It’s raining… it’s pouring…”

I think our ‘rain season’ (a week’s worth spaced over 3 months) is quickly coming to an end but these are so darned cute!
To be honest, I wouldn’t even know how to wear them, but I love ’em!

I just received my L.L. Bean catalog for women and they are featuring many preppy, east coast flavor, nautical, pink and green items.
So fun to armchair shop!

Music to splash to- “It’s raining again” – Super Tramp
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  1. I loved the sailboat cardigan from LL Bean in navy and green, summer prep! I jumped over from the comment you left on my post… so glad to know we’re not all 20, like our kids. I have 3 girls, last one in college, 2 married. Those are my girl’s weddings on Bridal Buzz. Click on the collage to enlarge.

  2. Oooh Love the pink and green pair…Actually, love both! Did you see the matching jackets?

  3. If only I didn;t already own 2 pairs of wellies!

  4. Adorable!!!

  5. Love those pink and green wellies!! The ones I got today reminded me of Burberry plaid, but the pink is what sold me on them.