Please excuse the alliteration but I have a penchant for pretty pink purses. My new Lilly tote came in and it is very nice. I don’t know if I love it though because it is very big. The print bag was a nice surprise. I am figuring the duo is a “two-fer” because I love the print as much as the shiny bright color.

Here is a snap of the lining. Love it!I hadn’t even taken the tissue off the end caps yet when I took this. Must have been too excited to notice!

The light pink enameld ends are a nice touch. The croco paneled pockets on each side are as deep as the bag and easily hold a bottle of water.

So the jury is still out but I’ll probably keep it because I just cannot resist that beautiful pink!

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  1. so cute! i have been coveting that bag for a couple weeks now!!!

  2. I love the inside pattern. Great bag!

  3. oh my goodness- what an awesome bag!! I’m loving the bright pinks and corals for spring.

  4. You MUST keep it…or you will regret it.
    A promise, not a threat 🙂

  5. That pretty thing must have set you back quite a few $$$! Lilly bags ain’t cheap. And I know because I spotted one there recently that I wanted…the straw bag with the moc croc trim.

    LOVE the interior on yours too! 🙂

  6. LOVE the bag!! Fab-u-lous!!

  7. I am having buyers remorse, still. For the money it should have at least more zippers or something. 🙂 I do love the shiny pink though. I am happily conflicted.